Sportsbooks vs. Casinos – The Sports Gambling Podcast

When you think about it, many online gambling companies have a sportsbook and a casino on the same website. They let you bet on sports in one section and play slots or poker in the other. 

A new gambler might ask—does it matter whether you bet on sports of play casino games? Does one section provide better chances of winning? We’ve answered that question and more below to help you discover the benefits and disadvantages of betting on sports versus playing casino games.

  • Betting Products

For many, the biggest difference between a sportsbook and a casino is the betting products provided. With bookmakers, you predict the outcome of sports like football, soccer baseball, boxing, eSports and hockey.

Top-tier betting websites also provide betting markets for political events, celebrity award shows and the weather. The most sophisticated bookmakers also allow you to predict financial markets like stocks and forex.

By comparison, online casinos let you play software-made games like slots, video poker and RNG table games. Or you can play player versus player games like Texas Hold’em, bingo and baccarat for a prize.

With that in mind, whether you bet on sports or play casino games comes down to your interests. If you’re a sports fan, betting on sports will feel more exciting for you. By contrast,