Why is Mobile Gambling Taking Off? – The Jerusalem Post


Mobile gaming is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. So, far it’s one of the most profitable sectors in the entertainment industry, with approximately 2.5 billion mobile gamers around the world. What’s more, the percentage of the population that has a smartphone was steadily rising over the years, and actually today, 48.53% of the world’s population has one.   
To put that figure into perspective, it has already reached a worth of $63 billion in 2020, while it’s estimated that it will reach a worth of $102.8 billion in 2023. But, smartphones have not only had an impact on the gaming industry. They have also had a massive influence on the online gambling sector. Here we explore the main factors that are driving the growth of mobile gambling among players around the world.  
Mobile-First Online Casinos 
The first online casino was launched in the ’90s, and since then, a lot has changed mainly berceuse the online gambling industry was always open to innovations, and online casinos are continually looking to improve the online gambling experience to their users. 
So, in the past, there were only a few online casinos available, but today we are looking at a much different reality. New casinos enter the market constantly. Hence the competition is quite strong, and it is a bit more difficult for members to find reliable and high–quality casinos. Consequently, sites like uudet nettikasinot are