The Rules on Gambling in California – Daily Californian

There are many places that are known for gambling. Namely, in the United States, we are talking about Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. But this does not mean that you cannot gamble in other states. In fact, gambling is popular across the country, with there being a lot more opportunities to enjoy casino games online and on land. 

Yet, what about the most populous state in the Country? Does California allow gambling and what are the rules? Let’s take a look.

On Land Casinos in California

When you imagine California, you think about the beach and surfing life. Everybody is relaxed and carefree. This means that you might be surprised on the rules when it comes to gambling and casinos. In particular, on land casinos are prohibited unless they are tribal casinos. This is because native American tribes are sovereign and able to open their own casinos in the state. Therefore, as a visitor to California or as a resident, you are able to gamble in one of the tribal casinos across the state. In fact, there are around 74 casinos you can choose from. People have been able to enjoy gambling there since the case of California v Cabazon Band of Mission Indians in 1987.

If you like to play card games then you will be pleased to know that card rooms are legal in